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Paint system

Paint is first and foremost a protective coating. On the gleaming super yachts found in Monaco and the other smart marinas around the world the perfection of the ultimate gloss finish maybe considered to be equally important, but we have prioritised the protection element over the aesthetic.

The entire exterior of the boat has a zinc coating for ultimate protection. Using this system any small scratches or scrapes will “self heal” and it is impossible for water to creep underneath the zinc as can happen with some more modern coatings. It is an unpleasant industrial process applying the zinc but it is a system that has been tried and tested over many years in the worlds harshest environments, such as oil rigs in the North Sea and is, therefore, worth the effort. Once this tough protective coating has been applied any further painting is purely aesthetic. In keeping with the character of this vessel we decided against fairing the hull and chose to use a slightly matt paint finish. No endless days spent polishing required!